Nir Eyal – How This Dad Teaches Us How To Become Indistractable

Nir Eyal |

#68: Nir Eyal - How This Dad Teaches Us How To Become Indistractable

"I believe becoming indistractable is really going to be the skill of the century."

-Nir Eyal, Best-Selling Author and Dad talks about how to help our kids become indistractable.

Nir Eyal |
Nir Eyal

In today's conversation, you'll learn 3 key things:

Nir Eyal |
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Clip: How To Raise Your Kids To Be Indistractable
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Nir Eyal:  If you think the world is a distracting place today, just wait a few years, it’s only going to get more distracting.

I remember when my daughter was much younger, some of her first words were “iPad time, iPad time!” and I know this a struggle a lot parents have.

– How much tech?
– Which tech?
– Is tech bad for them?

I think it’s important to take a research-based approach vs a fear-based approach.

Clip: How do you remove things from your plate?
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Rob: This question was sent in from Dan Whalen, he asks:

“As a working dad there are so many things on my plate.  Our phones connect us to our commitments, but force us to multi-task.

How do you remove things from your plate?  How does that help you become a better Dad?”

Nir: The tool that will change your life is a schedule maker. Here’s a link to a free schedule maker I created that you can use:

Put everything on your calendar.  You’re giving yourself the gift of learning what is traction, and what is distraction.

Now you can do something about the distractions that keep coming up.

Rob:  Jesse Itzler said the same thing on this podcast.  He carries around a giant calendar to remind him.

Jesse Itzler
Jesse Itzler and his giant calendar

Clip: Advice for Parents: Be Vulnerable with Your Kids
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Nir:  If there’s one advice I could give parents out there, it’s: “Be vulnerable with your kids.”

Let them know that you’re struggling with this stuff too. 

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Nir: A lot of Dads are like me in that we beat ourselves up all the me.  We’re our own worst critics.

I used to have this dialogue all the time.  And it’s not helpful. 

If there’s one skill I think we can all learn is self-compassion.

The way to do this, a good rule of thumb is:

Only talk to yourself the way you would talk to a good buddy.

Nir Eyal in NY Times
Nir Eyal featured in NY Times

Thank you Nir, for teaching us how we can become (and help our kids become)…indistractable.


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