Aaron Hale – How This Dad Overcomes The Odds

Aaron Hale | EODFudge.com

#66: Aaron Hale - How This Dad Overcomes The Odds

"Pain thrives in darkness. If we bring it out into the sunlight and we face it, those scars can heal. I just face everything head on."

-Aaron Hale, Veteran and Dad talks about how he overcomes losing his sight and hearing from an IED explosion.

Aaron Hale | EODFudge.com
Aaron Hale

Aaron Hale
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In today's conversation, you'll learn 3 key things:

Clip: The Explosion That Changed My Life
Watch Time: 2 minutes

Aaron: Just about the same time my metal detector was trying to tell me something very important, I got the mule kick from hell.

I went to adjust my helmet, to find that my helmet was gone. I thought, “Oh no….the army is going want that helmet back.”

It’s funny what we think about in these situations, but that’s the truth.

Within 48 hours, I was at Walter Reed, I had to come to grips with the new situation, I was going to be totally blind.

Thankfully, it just hit me in the head.  I’m thankful the damage was limited.

A blind soldier, a blind father.  I needed to find out how I could carry on.

Video: Aaron Hale’s Incredible Story
Watch Time:
8 minutes

Watch Aaron’s full story here: 

Clip: Exercise is a Great Discipline Tool
Watch Time: 2 minutes

Aaron:  One other thing I brought over from my military training, exercise makes a great discipline tool.

Instead of being grounded, we work out.  Push ups, walls lists, even holding books out.

It’s not one of those disciplines that make you feel guilty about after.

Clip: Make Your Bed: The Best Way To Start Your Day
Watch Time: 1 minute

Rob: Can you explain the importance of making your bed every day?

Aaron: Admiral McCraven was a Navy SEAL and said “life can be hard, it can be tough, you can face failure after failure.

But if you can make your bed every day, at least you come home to a made bed.

And at least you start your day off with one success, one completion.”

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Watch Time: 2 minutes

Aaron: It’s not about you.  You’re not the most important thing in that household.

Being blind and deaf, it always feels like I’m the burden, like I’m creating more work.  But there’s so much I can around the house, and for the children.

You’re helping the kids grow into good people. It’s your job not to raise assholes.


Clip: Rapid Fire Questions with Aaron Hale
Watch Time: 3 minutes

Rapid Fire Questions with Aaron Hale:

– What is your favorite food to cook?
Anything that comes out of the smoker, or anything wrapped in a tortilla.  So, smoked barbacoa tacos

– What is the best dessert you make? Our flagship fudge, ‘Merican Pick-Me-Up

 Favorite movie of all time? Stripes or the Blues Brothers

-Favorite military movie? Platoon

– Favorite concert you ever saw? White Zombie and Pantera

-What is the athletic achievement you’re most proud of ?
Running my hometown marathon after recovering from meningitis (and qualifying for the Boston Marathon)

Aaron Hale | EODFudge.com

Thank you Aaron, for your service, for sharing your incredible story, and for showing us how we can serve our families.  You truly are an inspiration.


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