Why Friendships Are Vital For Dads

Jamie Bendall is a standup comedian, lawyer, realtor, business owner, and Dad to 3 girls.

In this clip from our Dad the Best I Can interview, we talk about the importance of Dads maintaining strong connections with their friends, and the dangerous mindset that you can slide into, when you hit your forties.

Watch the full 15-minute clip with Jamie Bendall here:

YouTube: https://youtu.be/ELDikfU2BKg
Watch Time: 15 minutes

Jamie Bendall started out doing open mics as a college student in LA.  He shares a story about being bumped for Seinfeld, and what he learned from that experience.

After college, Jamie got his law degree, and moved back to the Atlanta area to start his legal career, while continuing to perform standup at some of the biggest clubs in America. 

In 2002, an opportunity popped up to purchase the legendary Punchline Comedy Club, and Jamie and his partners jumped at the chance, and became new owners of the club. 

Jamie knew early on that he wanted to build his life and career around being an available and involved Dad to his 3 daughters (ages 19, 18, 16).  He coaches his kids’ sports teams, is a board member of the Alpharetta Youth Softball Association, and serves his community on the Alpharetta Planning Commission.

Because this is such an important message to share, I chopped up this powerful 15-minute part of the interview into quick, digestible clips, below.

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Why Your 40s Can Be Very Perilous Times for Men

YouTube: https://youtu.be/EDQXXlZBUOw
Watch Time: 2 minutes

  • In your 40s, your life can start to feel fixed — your marriage, kids, and job are all defined
  • It can start to feel like unfamiliar territory
  • Why it’s scarier for men to be vulnerable with their friends, then to speak in front of a group of strangers

When You’re in Trouble, Lean Into Your Network

YouTube: https://youtu.be/uILdLbIWz0s
Watch Time: 2 minutes

  • Jamie talks about why it’s so important for Dads to have 2 or 3 friends that they can open up to.
  • Peak suicide age groups — highest for young men, old men, and right where you are, in your 40’s.
  • Leaning into your network when you’re in trouble — it’s not only important for you, but for the well being of your kids.

"Holy moly, this is not how I know this person."

YouTube: https://youtu.be/7Q_weFR6JLM
Watch Time: 3 minutes

  • Why your group of friends should evolve as you get older
  • Conversations can all feel like they’re just “skipping along the surface.”
  • Jamie tells a story about going out with a friend who seemed ‘off’ one night, and the chilling news he found out on Monday.
  • Finding someone to talk to when you feel like you’re in ‘crisis mode’

  • Why women are more likely to open up about their problems than men.

How to ask a friend, ‘are you really okay?’

YouTube: https://youtu.be/VpM7WHWCyCM
Watch Time: 3 minutes

  • How to use humor when you get pushback.
  • What does it say about our relationships if we’re unwilling to check in with friends
  • The power of opening up and sharing your own struggles with friends.

"Take your boy to lunch!"

YouTube: https://youtu.be/WzZTSc462WY
Watch Time: 3 minutes

  • While it’s important to spend individual time with your kids, it can be just as important to carve out that time for a friend who’s going through something.
  • Why your wife, parents, or even old friends might not be the best people to talk to.
  • Giving a friend some space for the conversation to develop naturally.  Not just, ‘I’ve got 10 minutes, what’s going on with you?
  • Take your boy to lunch (and schedule a second lunch too)!

Jamie and I were wrapping up our interview, when this topic of ‘mental health’ came up.  We kept on recording for another 20 minutes, and I’m so glad we did.

These are the kind of talks that Dads aren’t having enough of, and it’s a big reason why I started the Dad the Best I Can podcast. 

I hope this conversation with Jamie resonated with you as much as it did with me. 

You never know what people might be going through.

Please share this with a friend who you think could benefit from hearing it too.  

Thanks for listening!
Rob Roseman

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