The Dad the Best I Can NEW BOOK👇

Hear how entrepreneurs, athletes, comedians, teachers and more Dads balance work, life, and Fatherhood.

“Why I schedule 1-on-1 time with my kids”
Jesse Itzler, Entrepreneur, 100 mile runner, BYLR 🍌

“Why I chose mornings with my kids vs nights”
-David Cancel, CEO’s:⚡

“Why it’s so important to make sure your kids opinions are heard”
-Seth Jay King @LateNotes, Carpool Comedian 🤣

Just the Tips. #DadTips


“Dad The Best I Can is a can’t miss podcast for Dads. It’s relatable, funny, and amazing to hear other like-minded Dads who experience some of the same emotions and challenges. The Jesse Itzler episodes and short clips are my favorite!”

– Zack Bush
Author of Made for Me, the #1 Amazon Ranked Children’s Book (and Dad to 4 & 3-year-olds)