Chris Heller – How This Dad Starts His Day (A Dad’s Guide to Healthy Habits)

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#71: Chris Heller - How This Dad Starts His Day (A Dad's Guide to Healthy Habits)

"We know going to the gym and eating the right food is good for you, but sometimes I want fucking ice cream."

-Chris Heller, talks about healthy habits, and why, sometimes, we have to be easy on ourselves.

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Chris Heller

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In today's conversation, you'll learn 3 key things:

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Chris and his boys

Clip: How Batching Your Day Can Help You Stay Sane
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Chris: That’s a good rule for a lot of things: Scheduling and batching stuff.

This half hour is for work, this hour is for this, and it can be fun stuff too. 

It can be going out and taking a walk, writing rap lyrics.

Do something before taking all these inputs from your phone.

Dot Today: Chris Heller’s Daily podcast
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Watch Chris talk about why he records a podcast every day:

Clip: Why This Dad Does Hot Yoga, Sauna & Cold Showers
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Chris: Without going into the science, since I’m only a mini-expert (watch Wim Hof to have your mind blown), but the basics are putting your body into extremes is always a good thing.

Your body can respond, conquer and flourish in any of these rough situations you put yourself in.

For more on the benefits of sauna, check out Dr. Rhonda Patrick, to find out how 20 minutes in the sauna is lowering mortality rates.


Clip: Why Dads Should Put It On The Calendar
Watch Time: 2 minutes

Rob: The whole idea of anticipation is releasing chemicals in your brain

Looking forward to the trip is almost always better than the trip.

Chris: I totally buy it. Vacations are a big one, you can plan out your year.

Athletic achievements are another.  This past year I signed up for a triathlon. It’s not something I’ve done before.  I don’t own a bike, I hate running, and I’m a mediocre swimmer.

But because I put it on the calendar, I did it.

And to go back to Jesse Itzler, now it’s on my life resume.

Clip: Does Anyone Really Dad The Best They Can?
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Rob: As much as we like to say we do the best we can, we all have moments when we’re on our phone, or not paying attention.

Chris: I don’t think anyone actually does the best they can. 

One of the toughest things we have to deal with, not just as Dads, but as humans is: knowing and doing.

I know going to the gym and eating the right food is good for you, but sometimes I want fucking ice cream.

We’re not going to be perfect, but like you said, we all need to be a little easier on ourselves.

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Watch Time: 2 minutes

Chris: Show your kids the world.

We all know this on a macro-level, but I take it to a more micro-level. 

I bought a big world map that sits outside my kids’ rooms, and now we stand in front of the map, and my 5-year-old can tell you where Congo is.  It’s sick!

This exposes them to the world, and helps them understand the scope of what’s out there.

Clip: Rapid Fire Questions with Chris Heller
Watch Time: 5 minutes

Rapid Fire Questions with Chris Heller:

– What was your first car?
Mitsubishi 3000GT

– What was your first job? I’ll tell you when I get one.

Favorite meal to eat for dinner? Steak on a bone

-Favorite movie (drama)? Pulp Fiction

-Favorite movie (comedy)? Raw

-Favorite stand-up comedian? Eddie Murphy

– Favorite podcast right now? 1619

-If you were a professional baseball player, what would your walk-out song be? Simon Says by Pharoahe Monch

-What’s the best live concert you’ve ever seen? KRS1 at SOB’s

-Who is your favorite rap artist? Method Man

If you could have a guest verse on a rap song, what would it be? Wu Tang: Protect Ya Neck

Chris Heller |

Thank you Chris, for showing us how Dads can build healthy habits, take chances, and do cool shit!


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