Caleb Rule – What This Dad Is Learning About His Career…From His Toddler Son

Caleb Rule

#77: Caleb Rule - What This Dad Is Learrning About His Career...From His Toddler Son

"Good is often the enemy of great."

-Caleb Rule talks about life lessons he learns from his toddler son, that he can also apply to his work.

Caleb Rule
Caleb Rule

Caleb Rule
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In today's conversation, you'll learn 3 key things:

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Caleb:  I know that technology has been kind of thematic for some of the dad tips. 

As a thirty-year-old I have a lot of friends who are moving into Parenthood, whether in their mid-to-late twenties or early thirties, they’re moving this way. 

My tip is: Don’t be afraid to put the phone down, and put it away.

There is a lot of data when it comes to meetings in the workplace — that if your phone is near you, you’re distracted. 

Even if it’s face down on the table in front of you, you are not fully engaged with the conversation that’s happening in the meeting. I think Harvard Business Review has a lot of information on this.  

Do the same at home.  

My generation is absolutely hooked to our phones, and I do the same, but your child is only this little once. 

So, my wife and I are really trying to just put the phone down. put it away in a designated space when I get home, and then for a couple hours, it’s just me and the kids, or me and the wife.

Clip: Let Your Kids Tell You How To Play
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Caleb: Don’t be afraid to let your child tell you how to play.

My wife just found her Fisher Price Little People, from the 80’s, and my son, Elijah will sit there and play with them for 45-minutes straight, as a 19-month-old.

Clip: How Can Help Your Business Get Found Online
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Rob: You’re at Qiigo now, and you guys do everything ‘digital marketing’ for local businesses?

Caleb: That’s right, at Qiigo we help franchises with local listings management (that’s Google My Business, Yelp), pay-per-click, social media, SEO, website design.

A lot of things that work together, cohesively, into one digital marketing strategy for franchisors and franchisees.

Clip: Rapid Fire Questions with Caleb Rule
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Rapid Fire Questions with Caleb Rule:

– What was your first car?
1999 Toyota Camry

Favorite meal to eat for dinner? Homemade pizza

-Favorite movie (drama)? Oceans 11

-Favorite movie (comedy)? You’ve Got Mail & Sleepless in Seattle (I’m gonna be judged for this…thanks Mom)

– Favorite podcast right now? The Marketplace Podcast

Caleb Rule
Caleb Rule: Pickleball Player

Thank you Caleb, for showing us what our kids can teach us about our careers, how digital marketing can help our businesses, and why sometimes, we have to just put the phone…down.


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