Devon Bandison – How This Dad Is Helping Fathers Become the Leaders Their Kids Need​

Devon Bandison |

#58: Devon Bandison - How This Dad Is Helping Fathers Become the Leaders Their Kids Need

"One of my favorite lines I say to my children is, I love you...and no."

-Devon Bandison, talks about how Dads can become the leaders their kids need.

Devon Bandison and his sons |
Devon Bandison and his sons

Devon Bandison
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In today's conversation, you'll learn 3 key things:

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Devon: “The biggest tip, is to put time and attention into your own self-care.

There’s never going to be the perfect time to take care of yourself, besides right now.

It may feel selfish, but it’s actually the most selfless thing you can do, because it allows you to take care of your children even more powerfully.”

Devon Bandison |

Bonus Dad Tip: Say ‘No’ more than you say ‘Yes’
Watch Time: 1 minute

Devon: Guys come to me and say they have time-management problems.

What I realized is people don’t have time-management problems, they have people pleasing problems.

When someone asks me for a commitment, I never say yes right away.

I say “that sounds like a great idea, can I get back to you tomorrow.” 

That gives me space between the excitement of the opportunity, with if this is in line with my family.

Life is pretty simple — it’s scheduled, it’s intentional.

It’s amazing the freedom that being more intentional allows you.

Structure felt very rigid to me…but what I realized was that structure was the most freeing thing.

*Jesse Itzler talks about how scheduling everything (including family time) helps make his life more intentional:

Rob: And, that doesn’t mean you have to say yes to everything your kids want to do. 

Simple, not easy.  But it’s something you need to hear from other Dads, especially experts like you.

Devon: One of my favorite lines I say to my children is, ‘I love you, and no.’

Clip: Why a morning routine is important for busy parents
Watch Time: 3 minutes

Rob: You hear a lot about guys like Tim Ferriss and their morning routine, but they don’t have kids jumping in their bed at 6am.   

How and why is it so important for parents to create their morning routine?

Devon: It’s important on many levels, and I get how it can feel more challenging for parents. 

When you have children, it can’t be so rigid, and it’s always evolving.

If I do a morning routine and put myself first, it’s my way to fill my own cup — to get present, be less reactive, feel inspired and empowered. And then I can be present for my children.

Rapid Fire Questions with Devon Bandsion:

– What was your first car?
Buick Celebrity

– Favorite movie of all time? Remember the Titans

– Favorite meal to eat for dinner? Lamb chops

– Your favorite rap artist?  Nas.  Favorite Group is Wu Tang Clan

– Favorite sport to play? Basketball.  I played college ball at Belmont Abbey

Rapid Fire Clip: How Dell Curry crushed my Hoop Dreams
Watch Time: 1 minute

Devon: “I remember, I was this  cocky, New York guy. I’m 5’9” thinking I’m going to the NBA.

Dell Curry used to come to our games, and said to me: ‘Hey, New York, you wanna shoot around tomorrow?’

We shoot for an hour, he shoots only NBA and college 3’s, and in an hour, I promise you, he misses 2 shots.

I leave the gym, like, ‘I’m not going to no NBA, man.‘”

Thank you Devon, for joining us to talk Dad Life, giving us  actionable Dad Tips, and showing us how we can be the fathers, and leaders, we want to be. 


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