Sergei Urban – How This Dad Makes Science Fun For Kids (And Parents)

#53: Sergei Urban (@TheDadLab) 💡 - How This Dad is Making Science Fun for Kids (and Parents)

"Kids can feel this excitement, and they get excited too."

-Sergei Urban (@TheDadLab) talks about creating activities that are fun for kids AND parents.

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Sergei Urban
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  • Sergei created TheDadLab to share fun experiments with his kids (and help other parents)
  • Sergei is not a scientist or a teacher -- he's just a Dad who loves learning with his kids
  • Sergei and his wife have 2 sons, Alex (7) & Max (5)
  • Born in Latvia, Sergei and his family live in London

In today's conversation, you'll learn 3 key things:

  • How Sergei and his wife took TheDadLab from 0 to 3.5 million fans
  • The benefits (and challenges) of raising bilingual kids
  • How we can use screen time as a tool for learning

Clip #1: Tips for Raising Bilingual Kids
Watch Time: 2 minutes

“Our first language is Russian, so we taught the kids Russian at home.  When they started school, it’s difficult to fight the English — everything fun is in English.”

“I know it’s more difficult for mixed families to keep their language.”

“It’s not only about knowing another language, it’s about practicing.”

Clip #2: How strong is an egg?
Watch Time:
2 minutes

Sergei Urban Eggs-periment | @TheDadLab

Clip #3:  Hatching Dinosaur Eggs
Watch time:
 1 minute

All you need for this experiment:

  1. Balloons
  2. Small toys
  3. Water
Sergei Urban Dino eggs | TheDadLab
Hatching Dino eggs | @TheDadLab

Clip #4: Why reading is so important for our kids.
Watch time:
3 minutes

Rob: “My sister, Lauren and I created — we make 2-minute videos that teach kids how to read, with their parents at their sideIs reading an important part of your day with the kids?”

Sergei: “My wife does a lot of the reading in our house.  What worked for our first kid:

Every morning he would wake up at 6am before everyone else.

We said, we’re going to leave you books in front of your room. And now he loves reading.

Reading is one of the best gifts you can give to your child.”

Watch Time: 1 minute

“Film videos of your kids.”

Rapid Fire Questions with Sergei Urban:

Time Stamp: [38:50]

– What is your favorite meal? Potatoes and meat

– What’s your favorite sport? Swimming

– Favorite movie? Mortal Engines

– Favorite Vacation? Climbing Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in England (Dad’s getaway with friends)

Thank you Sergei, for showing us how we can teach, learn from, and have fun with our kids!

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