David Cancel (DC) – How This Dad Is Seeking Wisdom

David Cancel (DC) – How This Dad Is Seeking Wisdom

David Cancel | @dcancel

#54: David Cancel, ⚡ CEO at Drift.com - How This Dad Is Seeking Wisdom

"I no longer have guilt, because I'm committed, and picked a place I'm going to be consistent."

-David Cancel (DC), CEO at Drift.com gives a Dad Tip about how he chooses mornings to be with his kids consistently.

David Cancel | @DCancel

David Cancel (DC)
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In today's conversation, you'll learn 3 key things:

Clip #1: Kid-preneuers – DC’s daughter’s bakery business
Watch Time: 2 minutes

DC tells the story of his daughter’s pop-up bakery.

She asked, “Can I bring in some samples to your office?”

DC: “You can’t sell baked goods in my office.”

I saw she had a printed out a menu, and prices.  “Why are there prices on this?”

DC’s daughter: “I’m going to have people fill out a survey, and do a pricing study.”

DC: “That will give you some idea of who we’re dealing with here.”

Clip #2: Young DC spotting LL Cool J at the gym
Watch Time:
2 minutes

Clip #3:  What skills should our kids be learning?
Watch time:
2 minutes

DC: “I would not advocate for my kids to learn how to code.  Coding will become simpler.  It will still be needed, but it will be different.”

The more important things.
You always have to bet on things that never change:
– Persuasion
– How people make decisions
– How do you coach people
– How do you communicate with them.

Clip #4: Are kids impervious to persuasion?
Watch time:
2 minutes

DC: “We all fall victim to these errors in decision marking every day, nobody is immune.

The only people who are impervious to this kind of influence, are your own kids.”

Rob: “I might have a tip for you: James Altucher tells the story of how he tried to convince his daughter not to college.  It didn’t work….but it got her talking.”

Clip #5: How Drift.com can help your business
Watch time:
1 minute

Watch Time: 2 minutes

You need to choose: morning person or night person.

Rapid Fire Questions with David Cancel (DC):

Time Stamp: [44:00]

– What was your first car? Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

– What’s your favorite dramatic movie? The Departed

– Favorite comedy movie? The Big Lebowski

– Favorite Food? Pizza with the kids

– Favorite Rap Artist? Jay Z. My brother’s gonna be mad I didn’t choose Nas.

If you could have a guest verse with 1 rap group, who would it be? EPMD

Thank you DC, for sharing your Dad Life, making us laugh, and showing us how we can all Seek Wisdom!

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