Mike Barnhill – How This Dad Fights the Hydra 🔥

Mike Barnhill – How This Dad Fights the Hydra 🔥

Mike Barnhill

#56: Mike Barnhill - How This Dad Fights The Hydra 🔥

Life is just one big Hydra Fight. There's just so much beauty in going off and doing what you feel like you're called to do.

-Mike Barnhill, talks about what he learned from one of his (and his son’s) favorite books, ‘How to Fight a Hydra’.

Mike Barnhill
Mike Barnhill and his 7-year-old son

Mike Barnhill
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In today's conversation, you'll learn 3 key things:

  • Why the book 'How to Fight a Hydra" inspired Mike (and his 7-year-old son)
  • The simple trick to be more mindful on social media
  • A better way to tell your kids, "I love you"

Clip: How To Use Social Media Mindfully
Watch Time: 2 minutes

Rob: “A lot of parents are struggling with screen time, social media, phone addictions…I’m not even talking about for our kids, I’m talking about for ourselves.”

“If my phone is in my pocket, I struggle with that self control.

I stumbled up on something called social media intermittent fasting.

I start the day with no social apps on my phone.  At lunch, I can install  Instagram and Facebook for 30 minutes.  Install it, do my thing, uninstall it. And that’s been huge.

My brain just craves dopamine hits like the rest of us.

Then when I’m with my son, watching a movie or playing basketball, the phone isn’t even an option.”

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Watch Time: 2 minutes

Mike: “This is from another guest on your podcast, Chad Sanschagrin.  What Chad does, and now I do with my son is to reframe it, “I love you so much, tell me why.”

“Rather than asking your kids to tell you what they love about themselves, which is a challenge, you kind of help them see themselves through your eyes.”

Thank you Mike, for joining us to talk Dad Life, giving us a helpful Dad Tip, and sharing your music with the world!

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