Ken Rideout – How This Dad Runs Marathons, Triathlons (And After His 4 Kids)

Ken Rideout – How This Dad Runs Marathons, Triathlons (And After His 4 Kids)

#51:Ken Rideout 🥊 - How This Dad Runs Marathons, Triathlons….& After His 4 Kids (+ hosting THE FIGHT podcast with Teddy Atlas)

"We wanted to adopt from a place where we could make the most difference."

-Ken Rideout tells the story about his daughter’s adoption.

Ken Rideout
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In today's conversation, you'll learn 3 key things:

Clip #1
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“I’m not trying to live vicariously through my kids’ athletic endeavors.”

“One of the hardest things is making sure my kids feel equally loved.”

“I try not to get frustrated when kids do what kids do, because they just don’t know any better.”

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How to stop your kids from being tattletales.

“I’m training up good bank robbers.”

“I just want them to look out for each other, protect each other. We gotta stick together.”

Ken Rideout and family

Clip #3
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Ken talks about adopting their daughter from Ethiopia.

“My wife and I feel very fortunate.

We knew we wanted to adopt from the minute we met.  We wanted to adopt from the place where we could make the most difference.

They make adoption difficult enough that if you don’t want to do it with every ounce of your being…you won’t do it.”

Clip #4
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“I think it’s important for people going through this.” 

“You spend your whole adult life hoping that someone doesn’t get pregnant.

Then when you’re trying to and it’s not happening, it can be incredibly frustrating and debilitating.”

Sometimes things are just out of our control.

You can just try every month and do your best.”


[2 minutes]

Your kids are watching every single thing you do.

Rapid Fire Questions with Ken Rideout:

Time Stamp: [47:40]

– What was your first car? ’79 Buick LeSabre (it was the size of the Titanic)

– What’s your favorite movie? Raging Bull

– Favorite boxing movie? The Fighter (Ken worked with Mickey Ward at the prison)

– Who is the best QB of all time? Tom Brady 

– Best live sporting event you ever saw? Oscar De La Hoya vs Bernard Hopkins (also, the Red Sox winning the World Series in LA with his son.)

Clip #5
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7 minutes

Climbing Jesse Itzler’s: Everest 29029 & Hell on the Hill

“To be honest with you, I’ve done the Iron Man 3 times, I ran the Boston Marathon in 2:33, so I figured this was a hiking event, spend some time with some buddies…

After 3 or 4 times up the mountain, I thought “I better eat something, or I’m gonna faint.”

Shoutout to Kevin the Cop for raising the bar there.

It was one of the most rewarding athletic events I’ve ever been a part of, because of the incredible people involved.”


Ken Rideout Everest 29029
Ken and friends on Everest 29029

Clip #6
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Hosting THE FIGHT podcast with boxing legend, Teddy Atlas

“I’m so grateful to Teddy for giving me the chance to host this show.

“I’ve loved boxing since I was a little kid, it’s like a dream assignment.”

Clip #7
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6 minutes

“This story is better than Rocky.”

Ken Rideout tells us Andrew Cancio’s boxing championship story.

Andrew Cancio was literally working the jackhammer at SoCal gas, before he got a title shot.

“To see him stop this kid….even thinking about it now, makes me want to cry.”

Thank you Ken, for showing us how we can take our Dad game to the next level!

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