Gil Gibori – How This Dad Created The World’s First Tutoring Lounge

Gil Gibori – How This Dad Created The World’s First Tutoring Lounge

#50: Gil Gibori 🏠 - How This Dad Created The World's First Tutoring Lounge (+ a better way to 'count to 3' with your kids)

"Kids change so fast...Capture the moments...Soak them in."

These are words that Gil Gibori lives by.

Gil Gibori
Gil Gibori

In today's conversation, you'll learn 3 key things:

Clip #1
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“Every child is completely different.”

“I think the most challenging part for us, is that every child is really completely different.

We have kids that are completely successful in school, but have anxiety or worry about things.

Or we have kids who are hyper-confident in certain areas that struggle in school.

It’s as if you learn one kid, and you think you can carry that wisdom to the next….and the next one needs an entirely different bag of tools.”

Clip #2
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The story behind creating the world’s first tutoring lounge.

“The tutoring model is absolutely broken. 

We always knew that funky blew away nerdiness, in this idea of how to help students learn.”

The House, is a membership lounge, for students…think WeWork meets the Apple Genius Bar.

“The reason the kids love it, is because they’re studying together, they’re hanging out together, and it’s filled with tutors that are easy to access and there to help.”

The House | The World's First Tutoring Lounge

Clip #3
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3 minutes

“How should we define success to our kids?”

“We need to flip the equation that success = happiness, to happiness = success.

Don’t push your kid to go Harvard, if they weren’t built to go to Harvard.”

[2 minutes]

A better way to tell your kids ‘I’m going to count to 3’.

Thank you Gil, for showing us how we can take our Dad game to the next level!

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