Erik Van Horn – How This Dad is Loving Family Life in South Dakota (+ Expert Franchising Tips)

Erik Van Horn |

#60: Erik Van Horn - How This Dad Is Loving Family Life In South Dakota (+ Expert Franchising Tips)

"That one decision my Dad made had 2 different impacts -- one on the business, in a positive way, and one on the family, in an amazing way."

-Erik Van Horn, talks about how his Dad helped pave the way for his entrepreneur + family lifestyle

Erik Van Horn |
Erik Van Horn

Erik Van Horn
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In today's conversation, you'll learn 3 key things:

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Erik: Being present with your kids. I’m not saying I’m the best at it, but I certainly try.

To be super intentional when I’m with them. Looking them in the eye, so they know they have my undivided attention.

So there’s that relationship, where they can come to me — and they know that I’ve got their back, I’m going to listen to them.

I want to know them for who they are — not just what the world defines them as, or their  friends or parents define them as.

Clip: Entrepreneur Lessons I Learned from my Dad
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Rob: What’s one thing you learned from your Dad about being an entrepreneur, and a Dad?

Erik: My Dad made a choice, early on, when I was in middle school, to not work all the time, to be home when I was home.

It impacted me because I got to spend so much time with my Dad when I was a teenager.

It forced him to put people in place in his business, to do the things he didn’t need to do.

It meant less money for his family, but more time with them.

Rapid Fire Questions with Erik Van Horn:

– What’s the best live concert you ever saw?

– Favorite outdoor activities? Skiing in the winter; Fishing, boating, mountain biking in the spring

– One activity everyone should try? Surfing (behind a boat)

– Your favorite podcast? Business Lunch with Roland Frasier

Clip: How You Can Find the Perfect Franchise
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Erik:  One of the things I do, is I help people buy franchises.

If you’ve ever thought about buying a franchise, there are a lot of rabbit holes to go down.

What I do is: people come to me, think they want to buy a franchise, I spend some time with them, and get them connected  with the right brands, and help them along the way.

If you ever want to talk to me about franchising, just go to

Erik Van Horn |

Thank you Erik, for joining us to talk Dad Life, giving us helpful Dad Tips, and showing us how we can carve our own paths in life!


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