Me in 10 seconds

I’m Rob Roseman, 43-years-old

I’ve been a notorious TV game show contestant, Chicago Merc futures trader, Vegas poker pro, entrepreneur, and Dad.

Building my life resume. Coming soon to BYLR Radio.

Born and raised in Miami, FL, I now live in Roswell, Georgia.

Everyday: #BuildYourLifeResume đŸ”„

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Watch time: 4 minutes
Spoiler alert:
Did that just happen?

Making a run at the World Series of Poker (from ESPN)

Watch time: 1 minute
Spoiler alert:
I don’t have pocket Aces

Trying stand-up comedy

Watch time: 11 seconds
(the only clean clip I could find)

“Why did you start a Dad podcast?” 

– Rob on Talkin’ Ish with Chris Heller
Watch time:
16 seconds